Fear of Public Speaking and Technology

Most common fear among people today is fear of public speaking. Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to deliver a speech in front of huge auditorium filled with important people, like your boss, coworkers, and now tell honestly does that make you feel anxious, nervous?

It's normal to feel a little bit of anxiety and nervousness, but there are cases where these symptoms develop in to paranoia and extreme fear of social situations. Since public speaking is becoming more and more important in todays world, starting from school, to business, to social gatherings, this fear can be a real handicap. People who experience these feelings are afraid to be judged for their appearance, their presentation skills or something else, depending from person to person. Standing on a stage in front of the crowd makes them feel like their are under magnifying glass, and that way their flaws can be seen more easily. Living with this phobia can be very difficult cause it can cripple a man psychologically and make him not advance in life.

Todays modern way of living, our dependence on technology which allows us to stay at home and communicate with the world and maybe even work through the monitor, cellphone, and all the other pieces of equipment we can acquire today is one of the main causes of the growing number of people that are affected by this fear. We are basically not developing our social skills via live interactions with other people, and live situations in which these interactions can put us in, instead we are hiding behind the screen. Now everybody is a little bit shy in the childhood years, but everybody has to outgrow that, and the only way of doing that is to expose yourself to the world, this is also extremely hard cause it can leave us vulnerable. Cause of the danger that our exposure can hurt us, a lot of young people, when they need to leave the shyness behind, usually turn to that proxy, the technology through which they put up a wall of solitude. This is the starting point of the fear to speak in public, cause from there young people are not communicating with other people directly to sharpen their social skills, they are becoming more and more handicapped until it develops in to a serious condition where fear of the crowd is enormous.

This state can be prevented starting with parents, they can force their children to get out more, to explore the neighborhood and make new connections with people and that way develop their social skills which can decrease fear of social situations. If you are a grown up the process to recovery can be more complicated cause it is harder to change habits when you are adult. There's no special technique you just have to go out and deal with the problem, one step at a time, until you feel comfortable when you address people and you will feel even better in social situation, like when you go out with friends.
Title: Fear of Public Speaking and Technology
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