15 Unique Family Photo Ideas

Choosing the right clothes, location and theme for your family photo shoot can be exciting. But over posing and meaningless props can leave your photos lacking.

We’ve seen families leaping in the air, the awkward relative sandwich and the glamour/rustic contrast in many photographers’ portfolios. While lovely, there’s nothing particularly unique about them.

If the same-ole-same-ole isn’t what you had in mind, check out some not-so-usual ideas we’ve gathered to help inspire your next family photo shoot.

Inspiration for your Family Photos

1. Voyeur
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Have your photographer shoot as if peeking in on your family.

2. Candid
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Do you find yourself taking all the pictures and never ending up in them? Have your photographer take pictures of your family having fun to guarantee you're always in the shot.

3. Kissy-Face
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Ew! Mom and dad are kissing! This is a cute pose with kids giggling at their parents being affectionate.

4. Nature Nostalgia
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Keep it simple with soft colours in a natural setting. This will give you a sweet and uncomplicated composition.

5. Get Wet
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Don't be afraid to embrace the elements. There is something about the contrast of a family in their Sunday best getting caught in the rain that makes for a great photograph.

6. Reflections
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Capture your family's reflection in still water for a unique and interesting photograph.

7. Magical Mayehm
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Multitasking mom, balancing acts and flying babies are a great way to make your family portrait fun.Get a little creative with photo editing software to showcase your family's personality.

8. Holiday Hilarity
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
With a tongue-in-cheek pose like this you can easily transform your family photo into a fun holiday greeting card!

9. All Wrapped Up
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
In keeping with the Holiday theme, here is another hilarious pose. Can you say National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

10. This Kiss
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
 A picture within a picture, displaying their pride and joy.

11. Natural Habitat

15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
For a sweet and sincere photograph, choose your setting based on an activity your family likes to do together.

12. Silhouette
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
You don't always need to see faces to evoke emotion. Try a serene sunset backdrop like this.

13. Family Profile
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
There's something about the blend of black & white and only showing their heads that lends a feeling of intellect.

14. Friends Forever
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Brothers and sisters have a special bond that only siblings can understand. Start photographing loving moments when they are young and make a collage to mark a special day like graduation or a wedding.

15. Little Love
15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
Taking separate shots of siblings is a wonderful keepsake to remind them that although they may bicker, they've always got a friend.
Title: 15 Unique Family Photo Ideas
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