Fear of Flying Advice

Here you can find some essential and simple fear of flying advice:

Trial Run

If you’re afraid of flying and have a long flight coming up, one of the best things to do is to take a short trip as a trial run. A short, easy, successful trip can make you feel much better about an upcoming longer trip.

Think Positive Thoughts

Think "happy" thoughts. When your mind drifts into negative thinking about flying, immediately make yourself switch to thinking about something else that brings you pleasure.

Think About the Reward of Flying

Saves time - Think about all of the time you will be saving by flying instead of driving, taking a bus, or train.

Remind yourself that flying is actually the safest method of transportation. Fewer accidents occur while flying than any other mode of transportation.

Think About Where You Are Going

Going on a fun vacation? Visiting family? Spending time with grandchildren or a new grandbaby? Concentrate on the fun and the pleasure you will be having at your destination.

Picture what will happen when you get to your destination - the beautiful scenery, the welcome by loved ones. Visually walk yourself through activities that you will experience when you arrive. Concentrate on what you will enjoy doing once you arrive.

Stay Busy

Plan to stay busy during your flight. If necessary, bring work that you can do to keep your mind off the flight. Bring a book that you’ve been wanting to read and haven’t had the time.

Bring an mp3 player and listen to relaxing music. Watch an in-flight movie to keep your thoughts on something besides the flight.


If thinking "happy" thoughts just isn’t going to work for you, talk to your family doctor and get a mild medication that will help you relax. Don’t be embarrassed. This is a common request that doctors hear often during summer vacation time.


Hypnosis is something you may want to try to ease your fear of flying. There are many hypnosis CDs that you can order online for help with different phobias. These are usually inexpensive and they don’t have any side effects that medication would have.

Try one of these methods to reduce your fear of flying. By thinking positive thoughts and focusing on the benefits of flying, many people are able to enjoy their flight.

I hope this page about "Fear of Flying Advice" helped you to ease your fear :)
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