Tips for Women: Looking Great at 40

Turning 40 certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world even if it does bring about the beginning of a few undesirable changes to the body. Instead of dreading these changes, learn to accept them gracefully and work with them rather than against them. Although camouflaging some of these changes is effective, in most cases, dealing with them in new, insightful ways is going to be the most effective in the long run. Lots of helpful tips are included below.

Change up your wardrobe. Buy something new to wear every so often. If you continue to wear the same outfits all of the time, the obvious signs of aging become more noticeable.

Change your hairstyle. Just because you are getting older now does not mean that you cannot dabble in different cuts. In fact, a shorter cut might be more flattering especially if your hair has begun to thin out as it often does when people age.

Hide the wrinkles. Unfortunately, the test of time sometimes seems to be just exactly how much can the human skin wrinkle. Wear shirts with collars to camouflage the wrinkles of your neck. Wear thin, long sleeved shirts in the spring and fall to hide the wrinkling of your arms.

Hide the varicose veins. If you are blessed with the unsightliness of varicose veins, hide them with capris, patterned pantyhose, lightweight slacks, long skirts, or socks.

Go lighter. Begin to wear lighter shades of clothing to brighten your facial appearance. Colors such as pastels, white, or beige can add a lightness that softens your facial features.

Go lighter again, only this time with your weight. If you have more pounds on your body frame than you should, consider dropping a few. Extra weight has a tendency to make people look older than they are.

If you have nice legs, flaunt them with knee-length skirts rather than slacks or ankle-length skirts.

If you have nicely defined ankles, show them off with a sexy pair of shoes.

If you have nice shoulders, wear something that accents them and distracts the gazes of others away from your less favorable assets.

Avoid baggy clothing. Although you might inadvertently believe that baggy clothing hides the extra bulges, sags, and wrinkles, all it really does is make you look as though you have gained weight.

Avoid dressing in clothing meant for much younger women. It only emphasizes your age.

Whatever you decide to wear, you should make sure that it looks good on you. In fact, if something that you try doesn’t work for you, try something else. You should still pay attention to certain rules of fashion. However, you no longer need to concern yourself with fashionable trends since many of them are meant for the younger crowd.
Title: Tips for Women: Looking Great at 40
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