9 Solid High Risk Homeowners Insurance Companies

9 Solid High Risk Homeowners Insurance Companies
Earthquakes,typhoons, hurricanes, floods and fire are disasters that occur unexpectedly. High risk homeowners insurance provides financial respite from the effects of these incidents.There are numerous companies that specialize in high risk homeowners insurance. The following are some of the major insurance providers for this insurance policy.

1. US Insurance

US Insurance is a Texas-based insurance provider that specializes in high risk homeowner’s insurance covers. It allows its clients to search for competitive rates with regards to high risk insurance covers. The other benefit of taking an insurance cover with this company is its expeditious process. It instantly connects customers to its numerous agents after filling an application form.

2. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is another American insurer that provides insurance for high-risk homeowners. What is strikingly advantageous about the company is its variety of insurance packages. These packages include identity fraud and flood insurance. It also boasts of a quality account management system that ensures efficient delivery of insurance coverage services.

3. Amica

Amica has earned a lot of recognition for the professionalism and courtesy involved in its services. It has a support service center that provides comprehensive information on issues concerning high risk homeowners insurance. They also offer safety discounts that provide financial relief to its clients.

4. Country Financial Insurance company

Just like most providers of home insurance, Country Financial boasts of several homeowner insurance packages. It is also financially solid; this scenario guarantees its ability to cover claims sufficiently. The insurer comprises insurance experts who provide valuable guidance to clients on high risk homeowners insurance.

5. State Farm Insurance

The State Farm Insurance Company rolled out its operations six decades ago. It deals in a wide range of homeowner insurance covers. It is quite beneficial since it enables owners of high risk homes to conduct online insurance quotes on their high risk homes.

6. Progressive Insurance

With Progressive Insurance Company, owners of high risk homes can get discounts on their policies. This is the icing on the cake considering that it charges low premiums. Also, the insurer tailors its insurance policies to match the needs of its clients. This makes it possible for homeowners to insure themselves from specific disasters like typhoon or floods.

7. American Family Insurance

The advantage of American Family Insurance is its efforts towards sparing clients from unpleasant surprises. It contains experts who provide precise information to high risk homeowners on its numerous policies.

8. Erie Insurance

This insurance firm enables high risk homeowners to compare insurance quotes of their homes. Erie insurance also possesses a competent account management system. Its numerous research options allow homeowners to conduct extensive research on high risk homeowners’ insurance packages.

9. Allstate Insurance Company

The Allstate Insurance Company has a wide net of agents that help homeowners to decide on the right coverage. Their agents also offer valuable advice on the regulations that govern the insurance sector in all the states. This is undoubtedly one of its greatest strengths. Moreover, it contains numerous high risk homeowners’ insurance policies that are individualized.
Title: 9 Solid High Risk Homeowners Insurance Companies
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