Progressive Insurance Co-founder Seeks to Destroy Conservatives

We’ve all seen the Progressive Insurance TV commercials, with the perky, irresistible “Flo,” played by actress Stephanie Courtney. But a...

Affordable Health Insurance for People With Low Income

With the economy at an all-time low many people are not able to afford higher cost health insurance that often can sky rocket in monthly pre...

Pelvic Floor Exercises

During pregnancy there is increased pressure on the pelvic floor, and childbirth can stretch and damage the pelvic floor muscles so that y...

15 Unique Family Photo Ideas

Choosing the right clothes, location and theme for your family photo shoot can be exciting. But over posing and meaningless props can leave ...

11 Ways To Be Healthy When You're Broke

People often ask me how I turned my health around while working 50-plus hours per week, and being on government aid. (Yes, it's poss...

10 Best Snacks for Kids

With their smaller stomachs, kids may not eat much in one sitting, but they do eat often. The problem is, children are not only notoriousl...
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