Marketing for the London Olympics

Introduction to Marketing for the London Olympics

The Olympic Games have always been an event that promotes peace, friendship and solidarity all around the world, and the Olympics are an event that best promotes the spirit and the importance of sport. However, the Olympic Games have become a good marketing opportunity for business all over the world and also for people who are responsible for organizing the Olympic Games. Organizing an event as big as this requires a lot of money, and this is the main reason why marketing is so important – it provides the organizers a good opportunity to get back the money that was invested in preparations for the event.

The Importance of Marketing for the London Olympics

In this day and age, the Olympic Games are an event that attracts many millions of people and spectators all over the world are involved in the Games by watching them over the TV. Also, every Olympics need to be better than the previous, because it is always expected that more and more improvements will be made and that more and more people will be attracted. Owing to this fact, it is easy to see how important marketing is for the Olympic Games.

Examples of Marketing for the London Olympic Games

One of the best examples of marketing for the London Olympics is the fact that the 2012 Olympics logo is everywhere to be found – in the newspapers, the internet, on the TV, on different products all over the country, on billboards and in many other places. The logo represents the number 2012 with the Olympic Rings placed in the zero, and this is the first time that the logos for both the Olympics and the Paralympics are the same with different color combinations.

Coca-Cola Olympic bottles can be found all over the country with a new design with the official logo of the Games and there are also a lot of posters wishing good luck to the British team in the London Olympics. BT (British Telecommunications) will provide all the communication services for the London Olympics and they are sponsoring taxis all over the UK with their logo and the London Olympics logos and Olympic themes. This is a great way of marketing as taxis are very popular and widely used in the UK.

Mascots of the London Olympics

Every Olympic Games have mascots for the Olympics and the Paralympics, and the mascots for the London Olympics are called Wenlock and Mandeville. They are named after a village in Shropshire where an event that was considered to be inspiring for the modern Olympic Games was held in the 19th century, and a hospital where the Paralympics was founded. The names of the two mascots are recognizably British and this makes the mascots unique and authentic.


Although the Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world and although they are by far the most popular, there is always room for improvement and for making an Olympics more successful and interesting than the previous ones. This is why marketing for the London Olympics is so important.
Title: Marketing for the London Olympics
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